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In N Out Burgers

Front of In N Out Burgers (Keizer, Oregon)

my wife and I finally made it to the new In-N-Out Burger location in Keizer, Oregon. Salem is a test market for fast food having one of the first Sonic Drive In's, in the Northwest, that I visited in the Summer of 2008 which was posted on this site back then.

No one has ever said anything bad about the place, especially Gordon Ramsey.  There is a good reason why, this was the best burger I ever ate (Double Double Animal Style).

The french fries were cooked perfectly. The strawberry shake I had, had a better strawberry taste as well.

Inside of In N Out Drive In (Keizer, Oregon)

Everything is cooked fresh and it's perfect. Everyone that was working in there was very professional as well. I do like the palm trees and white decor that is a throwback to the 1950's with paper hats (similar to those I wore when working for McDonald's in the early 1980's).

While I support Dick's Drive In's in Seattle (there will be an article or page soon) and I did visit the new Kent store in Midway back in September (it was the first place I stopped at) In N Out is now added to the list as well. Like Dick's their employment practices are similar (higher wages and benefits) and a professional staff.

There is a reason why we waited 45 minutes to get out order inside while cars are full in the drive through as well.

Like Dick's, I bought the t-shirt too. They are very artistic ones as well.

There well be a section soon for Dick's Drive In soon.