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The importance of Find My...

If you have owned Apple devices over the years, registering the devices with Apple is always important. Apple isn't the only company that requires devices to be registered. Your Android, Google, and Microsoft devices and applications have the same requirements as well.

What Apple does want to know is what devices you own or have with you. There was a time when you were limited to the amount of devices you had on your account when using ITunes. These restrictions have went away over time but removing devices you don't own hasn't.

Updating your information with Apple can make it easier to sell devices, get devices serviced, or give them to friends or family when you need to.

The importance of two step verification

Two step verification is great to use if your phone gets into the wrong hands if it is setup properly.

In the case of Iphones, the proper way to setup two step verification is to have the verification sent over to a secondary device (in case your phone isn't working as well).

This can be setup through the settings of your phone using current IOS settings. If you don't see the options in your settings, you should update it.

Family and business accounts

To keep you information managed and protected, it is good idea to take advantage of using family and business account features.

For family accounts, a primary family account (preferably an adult) can mangage the accounts of other family members making sure that a primary account can be use to send back codes (for two factor authentication purposes) as well as resetting paswords when forgotten.

For business use, the person who is using the device shouldn't be the only account on a company phone. This is not a wise way of using technology for business purposes.

If an employee were to quit or is terminated and this company phone has their name on it, it can reuqire the business to go through many steps, with Apple, to get the device reset and recoverd.

To avoid unessary delays in getting your accounts recoverd, Apple provides the following services:

For families

Use to manage devices and services (for up to 5 people).

For business

Use Apple Business Plan.

To setup the service visit

These devices are assets and should be setup by a family member (especially for someone under the age of 18) or business personel first to make sure that the accounts are setup in a responsible way.

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