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Topics to be covered in 2022

Based on a lot of feedback lately, this year the topics this site is going to cover are the results of many that have made purchasing decisions from television commercials that really only cover one side of these purchasing decisions that are becoming more expensive that can raise some security concerns and in some cases, do you feel as if your the end user or the beta tester?

Sometimes it is better to ask questions first, than to purchase these items versus justifying the need for this purchase as if you came out of an Amway meeting. Many are willing to sell you the latest and greatest with very little end user support or lack of responsibility when you major purchase goes wrong (this is one reason why this site exists).

One topic that is getting updated right away, is about fitness tracking devices and fitness watches.

There are many choices out there. While they have good intentions for what they do, it can be concerning what they do besides going beyond a high tech pedometer.

While the page "It's a fitness watch, not a tracker watch" will still keep the same title (under the home menu option) it will be getting updated.

Another topic that is going to be discussed is wi-fi and how you may using it, abusing it, or being negligent with it.

While we are bombarded with a lot of great ideas for putting a "wireless" device(s) in our house for security and controlling the home, some should stick to using the devices with cables.

Many of you live in what is considered tech areas (Corvallis, Seattle/Tacoma Metro Area, the Bay area) that has many citizens (in these areas) that can exploit your home with these devices and security should be a concern.

Here in this Willamette Valley, Oregon State University is a school with 12 schools of engineering to it's name. If you live across the street from the school and wondering why you are getting hacked, it could be because of a doorbell or a smart TV that should be plugged into a switch or router by an ethernet cable rather than using a wi-fi network (regardless of security).

Many of these device can have a back door to be hacked in when connected to wi-fi. It is better to assume it isn't a secure device for your home security or entertainment needs.

In addition, this website will be addressing GPS tracking fobs. While they are great to keep track of your keys, phones, and other devices, some have found ways to use these devices to track you on your way home from a night at the bar attaching one of these to your car while following you home on the app on their phone.

Window 11 Upgrade

There is a page for the Window 11 upgrade, in the Microsoft section.

This upgrade is only covering certain processors. The web page should help to answer any questions you may have.

Not all USB (type C) chargers are the same

Many devices are using USB (type C) chargers these days including computers such as Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi's.

Just because these devices have the same end that will work with your mobile phone, doesn't mean that you should use them to charge your phone.

These computer devices require additional amps to charge their batteries or operate them that are higher than the amps used on your phone.

Using the wrong charger (not the one that came with your phone) can create the following:


Cracking of the mobile device

Possible battery explosion

Voiding of the warranty because the approved charger wasn't used.

Amps are the killer to mobile electronics. Too many can destroy the device.

Be wise when charging your electronics.