Home Networking

This video is 46 minutes in length and is recommended to watch before working on the Nextcloud Server setup

This page will cover how to setup your own home network by getting rid of the networking equipment your ISP is letting your use.

Home Network Cables

If you are using a router or switch with 1gb (gigabit) connections, cat 6 cables should be used.

Cat 5e cables can be used for shorter distances (less than 25 feet).

Shielded DSL cable

There is a shielded DSL cable available to connect your DSL modem to the wall. It can improve bandwidth while providing shielding that you would get from a Cat 6 ether-net cable.


Any cable or DSL modem can be used, but keep an eye on bandwidth (for cable) and signal type for DSL

For DSL modems, there are two types: ADSL and VDSL. VDSL is the current standard that is used for higher bandwidth speeds. Check with your DSL provider to see which version to use.

For cable modems, the bandwidth is listed on the outside of the box. If you purchase a 1gb modem and your ISP is giving you 630MB, you will only get a 630MB speed.