Account Responisibility

Family plan accounts

Both Apple and Google provide family account services that allow families to share apps, media, and account information. Parents can also setup account for thier children.

For details, visit the following:


Apple Family Sharing:


Google Family Sharing:

Mobile devices for businesses

Mobile devices (such as phones and tablets) should be treated just like any asset in a business including email addresses.

Protecting your devices should include providing business email addresses to manage these devices as well.

Google and Microsoft provide options for small businesses to provide email, document storage, and website services for a reasonable subscription fee.

Since 2000, this website has beta tested, supported, and trained small businesses and users on how to use these systems through Willamette Media Services.

While Apple does provide email services, the scope of what Apple can provide for businesses is small because they are not considered a "Big Data" company.

Using Google services on Android devices provides businesses with ways to encrypt information, monitoring of business devices, and other device management for Android devices as well as Chromebook and devices using Chrome web browsers.

Details are available on the websites:

G Suite

Microsoft 365 for Business