Tim Babcock (Mobile Device Support)

A Message regarding Christian Faith Church

Within the past year local media sources, within the Puget Sound area, have reported on some inappropriate behavior concerning a family member within the immediate family of Casey and Wendy Treat, the Senior Pastors of Federal Way based Christian Faith Church (CFC).

This website has record of myself being involved within the ministry as a member for almost nine years, being on staff for five months (the same time when this website was started) while serving my tenure within the ministry in the operations of the children’s ministry focusing on media production and operations.

Since relocating to the Willamette Valley in 2009, association with CFC discontinued and work with other ministries, within the Albany and Lebanon area, were started while the six-year educational process was started.

The alleged actions, of this family member, happened after my involvement with CFC since the charges happened after the person was ordained as a pastor within the church (approximately 4-5 years ago).

During the week of Thanksgiving of 2018, various media sources reported the incidents concerning CFC.

While I don’t agree with the decision made by The Federal Way Mirror to post the article on their website since The Seattle Weekly (owned by the parent company of The Federal Way Mirror) and The Tacoma News Tribune reported the incident back in October of 2017, the recent article didn’t produce any evidence that the individuals involved currently have a direct association with the ministry (since it was first reported) based on the churches own website as well as video feeds on services over the past year.

After the article was posted, KIRO TV reported on another incident concerning another member of the church being touched by another pastor, within the ministry, that has resulted in legal action being taken upon the church at this time.

While I do not support the inappropriate behavior that has happened within the ministry at the time, conduct such as this within mega church ministries is nothing new.  My studies in business administration have included papers on family businesses (mega churches fall into this category) including the ethics of a very large-scale mega church ministry (within the area at the time) being discontinued at the time for various reasons.

It has been thirty years since Normandy Park based Community Chapel would dissolve leaving a campus to be used for law enforcement training purposes after local and national television attention on the activities of the ministry were produced resulting in many broken families some of whom were friends and co-workers.

During the 1990s, Kirkland/Redmond based Overlake Church resulted in a very large Baptist ministry see a Senior Pastor resign from conduct resulting in charges brought by the senior pastor at the time.