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The accuracy of wireless technology for the future started in the 1960s

The Seattle and New York Worlds Fairs were used to demonstrate it to the public

Calling Century 21 video (Source: AT&T Archives.). A reminder for the Baby Boom generation about how accurate things were at The Seattle Worlds Fair in 1962 (starting at 5:00) about the future of what is now known at IOT (internet of things). Contains the "central office" (call forwarding, waiting, and three way), pagers, as well as the ideas of controling your oven and air conditioner in your home using your phone (there will be a section about the fair on the site soon).

In addition to what the video shows, The Seattle Worlds Fair was used to demonstrate telephone calls and television transmission via satellite.

For the first time, cordless telephones were available for use during the fair in the Space Needle restaurant (known as Eye of The Needle).  The caller could communicate to the person sitting at the table (without any wires) that communicated with a base station (where the call was placed) in the dining area (see KUOW radio station link).  The Connections Museum in Seattle has the equipment on display including the Bell Boy pager.

The New York Worlds Fair demonstrated a closed circuit version of video phones.  It was available in the New York area but was seldom used (see NYWF64 Website).

For non-tech stuff

Occasionally, this site does some non-tech items, this is one of them.

On February 14th, my wife and I finally made it to the new In-N-Out Burger location in Keizer, Oregon. Salem is a test market for fast food having one of the first Sonic Drive In's, in the Northwest, that I visited in the Summer of 2008 which was posted on this site back then.

No one has ever said anything bad about the place, especially Gordon Ramsey.  There is a good reason why, this was the best burger I ever ate (Double Double Animal Style).

The french fries were cooked perfectly. The strawberry shake I had, had a better strawberry taste as well.

Everything is cooked fresh and it's perfect. Everyone that was working in there was very professional as well. I do like the palm trees and white decor that is a thowback to the 1950's with paper hats (similar to those I wore when working for McDonald's in the early 1980's).

While I support Dick's Drive In's in Seattle (there will be an article or page soon) and I did visit the new Kent store in Midway back in September (it was the first place I stopped at) In N Out is now added to the list as well. Like Dick's thier employment practices are similar (higher wages and benfits) and a professional staff.

There is a reason why we waited 45 minutes to get out order inside while cars are full in the drive through as well.

Like Dick's, I bought the t-shirt too. They are very artistic ones as well.

There well be a section soon for In N Out and Dick's on here and possibly Wendy's as well (I worked there part time for many years and have shares in the company).

It's cold outside

Since you probably didn't read the owner's manual to your devices, every device that has LCD screens does include and operating temperature section. In order for the screen to operate, it must be in temperatures that are above freezing levels (this includes your battery as well).

Both the battery and the screen require movement of molecules to operate. If your device is in freezing conditions or below, the molecules will not move making the display black and your battery dead.

If your device is in a location when it is freezing, you must bring it back into a condition above freezing levels and never speed up the process because you will crack the glass on the phone.

Under construction

It's tax time and while taxes are getting done, so is a new accounting system.

Quickbooks isn't for everyone (especially for manufacturing purposes) so a new system is being built using Microsoft and Oracle MySQL.

During the 1980's I worked on the early versions of SQL servers for Seattle Film Works. While there were ethical implications for what was being done back then (OSU archives talks about the Sea First Capital Management System that used the same system) we did know back then that using SQL servers was a great way to do the I.T. functions of a business and I have deisgned similar systems using Microsoft Access for several years.